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Studybays.me – The most important features of the method are: the development of motion presented musical examples by proposals leading and participants (a reference to the formal structure works, change the mode, dance elements) implementation instrumentation (instrumentation is ‘open’, used instruments are also carried out by children) fictionalisation opportunity, placing swap roles and identification of (the child as a conductor or music), creative nature of the method, the possibility of the use of props.

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Here you will find many interesting educational resources such animated films (eg. Basic economic concepts), comics economic, educational multimedia presentations, e-learning courses, including simulation games that develop practical skills (eg. First Million, SIGG). In conclusion, we face the challenge of raising the competence of the financial community. It seems that it is necessary to launch a public debate on the need for financial education of Poles, and then take action at the national level to develop the National Strategy for Financial Education and coordinate multiple distributed educational activities. The conference was organized Civil Development Forum, and the Minister of National Education and the Center for the Development of Education included the honorary patronage over it. The event was part of the recognized educational project Fri. Economic Comics, which realizes FOR with Bank Zachodni WBK since 2008. Its aim is to promote economic education with the use of comics, which, thanks to its affordable form a better understanding of complex economic mechanisms. The project enjoyed enormous interest so far, the best proof is the organization already the fifth edition of this project. See. the Poles have a shallow knowledge of finance, Polish Radio, 04.11.2014. (Note about the author: Marcin Polak is the creator and editor of Edunews.pl, is engaged in education and social communication, implementing social projects and commercial nationwide and internationally. H czytaj dalej »